S.A.A.F. – The Planet Mars

In this “Screever’s Alien Arty-Facts” you learn how to draw a cartoon version of the Roman god Mars while getting some great info on the planet that is named after him. You can use the color pictures to guide you through, or click on the link at the bottom for a downloadable PDF that can be printed and photocopied for an entire class.

Screever's Alien Arty-FactsSAAF Mars0001SAAF Mars0002SAAF Mars0003SAAF Mars0004SAAF Mars0005SAAF Mars0006SAAF Mars0007

Click the Screever Icon below for the downloadable PDF version. Print it and copy it for classroom distribution. You can also save each of the images above and use them in a presentation format for a classroom assignment.

Click here for printable version of this post

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