The UG3 Alien Encounter

UG3 Alien Encounter Splash Page 01The UG3 Alien Encounter In-School Field Trip

This innovative In-School Field Trip is cinematic and highly entertaining while also being a stimulatingly hands on experience. Built around the educational comedy “Ultra Galactic Gung-Ho Gurus” (UG3) this extraterrestrial visitation introduces students to the world of filmmaking and animation beginning with small group sessions with the creator of UG3. Here they meet the “stars” of the film up close and learn about the process with hands on exercises. The second segment is a large group screening of the 35 minute film “Ultra Galactic Gung-Ho Gurus”. The final segment follows the screening where the filmmaker conducts a fast paced, engaging and informative workshop showing students how to develop entertaining media based research projects themselves. See more below or click here for a printable brochure.

Here’s a closer look at what to look forward to:

Segment 1: It’s like the Special Features on a DVD – But In Person!

In this rotation of small group sessions the students get to meet the creator of UG3 and see actual animation models, puppetry characters, stop motion sets and original artwork from the film. They’ll get a hands on experience of how animation is made.

Segment 2: UG3 The Movie!

The entire student group gathers for a screening of this original educational comedy. The 35 minute film is a hilarious blend of 2D and Stop-Motion animation, traditional puppetry, vintage footage, special effects and wild motion graphics. Starring the Ultra Galactic Gung-Ho Gurus, the film delves into the history, science, literature, mythology and art of humanity’s quest for Outer Space.

Segment 3: How To Be A Guru!

In this fast paced, fun session students are taken through the process of creating entertaining, educational content. They’ll be introduced to accessible tools and  techniques that can help them take a traditional book report or social studies assignment and turn it into an original media creation such as an animated short, digital comic or interactive website.

But Wait, There’s More!

Along with the actual event we provide the following materials:
* A thorough list of Common Core and State Standards for a variety of subject areas.
* A reproducible resource packet on free and low cost tools and information for animation, filmmaking and other media techniques that students can use for creating projects.
* Post-visit lesson plans for the teachers including original video segments and reproducibles.
* Pre-visit promotional materials to help generate excitement for the event and subject matter.
* A detailed Event Planning Guide to make the day go as smoothly as possible.
* Clip art for your own use.
* Our promise that we’ve worked very hard to make the UG3 Alien Encounter as engaging and meaningful as possible while keeping it as hassle-free for you the coordinator and teacher.

Field Trip Host

Al Waller is an award winning filmmaker and educator. He’s been a public school teacher in Georgia and Florida and is currently an animation professor at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He believes in the power of quality entertainment media to introduce educational content to students in an engaging and meaningful way. But he’s also passionate about giving students the tools and inspiration to become active creators of today’s media and not just passive consumers. The UG3 Alien Encounter is one of the ways he’s working to carry out these missions.


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